A Question About the Usage of God's name

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    Shalom All.

    This has been bothering me for a while. Most black Hebrews like to call the most high YAH even though that is not his name. They do so because they don't know his name.

    Is this not a sign of DISRESPECT on their part? I would not like people making up any name for me because they don't know my name. What is wrong with using God's title if we are yet unsure what the Almighty's proper name is?
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  2. People shouldn't use Ha'shem's name if they don't know it or don't have the proper pronunciation. Most Jews out of respect for the Elohim use the title, Ha'shem which stands for the "THE NAME." I believe that is more appropriate.
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    Eloihim vs Alahym. Yahuah vs Yahweh. I have two etymology charts for Yahweh being from Zeus and Saturn. What many overlook is enunciations vary according to dialect. We must also realize no one has a mandate on truth as we prophesy in part and know in part. The Perfect One's return will unify this schism. IMG_20140423_233825-1-1.jpg
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    Foremostly his title is not the pagan GOD if you want to be technical. Is it now "disrespectful" to call him god? Ijs...

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    Bãrûçh HãShèm

    and from my studies and path...

    'HE' is in everything...

    YHWH = "YãHWãH"

    First syllable = ã
    Naturally second is the same sound = ã

    Its your breath =

    YãH= breath in
    WãH = breath out

    Your heart beat =

    'YaH' is in everything (HIM)


    He is in ALL the prophets...

    and 'WãH' in paleo-lithic hebrew can mean "wisdom"-
    -Rûãçh Hã-Kōdèšh-

    Feminine pro-noun...

    "YãH"--is HIS breath
    -He breathes life into every animate thing created

    -Job 12:10-
    "Who among all these does not know That the hand of YãHWãH has done this,
    In whose hand is the life of every living thing,
    And the "breath" of all mankind?
    Does not the ear test words,
    As the palate tastes its food?"....
    "WãH"--is wisdom the feminine aspect of The Divine

    -Proverbs 3:13-20-
    How blessed is the man who finds wisdom And the man who gains understanding.
    For 'her' profit is better than the profit of silver
    And 'her' gain better than fine gold ...

    ..."She" is more precious than jewels;
    And nothing you desire compares with 'her.'
    Long life is in 'her' right hand;
    In 'her' left hand are riches and honor.
    'Her' ways are pleasant ways And all 'her' paths are peace.…

    'She' is a tree of life to those who take hold of 'her',
    And happy are all who hold 'her' fast.

    YãHWãH by wisdom founded the earth,
    By understanding He established the heavens.
    By His knowledge the deeps were broken up And the skies drip with dew.…

    Thats my take and i share it freely....

    Bãrûçh HãShêm YãHWãH
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    I agree with that premise. After learning The Most High's real name, I don't feel "comfortable" just saying it because of those reasons you listed. I'd rather use terms like "Ha'shem" or "The Most High" any day of the week. Also, where did the name "AHAYAH" come from? Of course that is not his real name but, how did many come up with this conclusion that it is?
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    Sometimes yes sometimes no.

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