Are All Black People Hebrews?

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    Shalom all!

    Why do we have black Israelites who try to include native Americans and Mexicans into and as part of the Hebrew identity? Do they have any proof to these claims? So far I have seen NOTHING to support these claims and when they try to explain, the stuff they come up with is complete and utter rubbish!!! Maybe I am wrong but can anyone reading this who believes native Americans and Mexicans are also descendants of the Hebrews shed some light on these claims.
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  2. Don't hold your breath. Any time you challenge these ones for proof to their claims they come back at you with so much negativity and anger in order to avoid the question. I remember one funny incident when this brother, to hide helplessness to provide the required proof came with all sorts of excuses, one of which was he just lost his sister and he would provide the answers after the funeral. Suffice to say I am still waiting.
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  3. Olove888

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    The bottom line of why they want to include these other groups is internalized racism.
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    Yeah....they hate being black and african so much that even when saying the original hebrews were for
    The most part STRICTLY THAT they have a problem with it. As sister alston knows I have this discussion
    Going on with the chat group on face book. And I had to point out when it was all said and done the three main
    Things I think proves who are hebrews.

    1. Fiashidi. 2.the group must be strictly patrilineal. 3. Circumcision. Yes there are many many
    Others that is equally potent. But native americans nor mexicans have this but our people in
    West africa do..
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  6. PE'el HaMashiach

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    Interesting choice of words Sista, very interesting!
  7. PE'el HaMashiach

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    Who do you think "Paul" was to change this command and law of our Father, especially when our savior said "I came not to destroy the law, nor the prophets...?"
  8. johnie johnson

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    Could it be because during slavery, blacks married native Americans and bore offspring with them , also there are still black Indians that. Exist to this very day ,we are connected.
  9. Hator

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    You may be interested in this article which exposes the myth that during slavery, blacks married native Americans and bore offspring with them. It is by Henry Louis Gates, the African-American Historian.

    Why most black people aren’t “part Indian,” despite family lore by Henry Louis Gates, the African-American Historian
  10. JBX

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    No, not all black people are Hebrews. Ham's line is black but is not Hebrew. Shem's line is black but only Eber (Eve) line is Hebrew and only Jacob's line are Israelites. Japheth's line are/became white people. So Japheth either was albino or his line became lawless (Torah-less) and did the incestuous deed over and over and became mutated or they became leprous/unclean (again from some questionable acts).
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  11. YaH-souljah

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    Shalom Yohan-

    Check into the 'los lunas'(?) rock found in new mexico
    Ancient paleo-lithic hebrew..thousands of years old

    Also the land masses were all together at one time as it talks about jerusalem being the navel(center) of the dry mass of land created

    There is evidence also of Phoenicians mining copper in michigan upper peninsula thousands of years before the whole bS 'columbus'(lol) HIS-story

    Our whole HIS-story has been hidden buried and manipulated by the zionists to support their lie

    Also the legends of the 'piute' indians of north america and the 'red'haired giants from enoch they fought with and killed in their very ancient past

    'Adamah' means redman of the clay

    Only 1tribe of the 12 was jew--'Yahuda'
    The rest of 'israel' is all of us...

    Remember too that 'israel' in the last times is metaphoric of HIS people

    The jews have intentionally hidden and buried ALL true ancient history from us-

    There are 25miles of underground vatican library off limits to the public
    Tell me they dont have a lot of the real truth hidden in there

    Plus jews actually control the roman catholic (abomination) church [pagan]
    Jew-suits....yea thats where the word originated
    They were the ones changed all the words in the bible hide the power in them

    They have co-opted the catholic church as part of the nWO plan
    To hide the truth and support their 'lie'-
    -the creation of zionist israel

    Soon they will bring communism here to america and kill christians
    You have to understand who hates christians MORE than muslims and wants to destroy them
    and understand the matrix of deception we live in created by hollywood illuminati joos[fake]

    Torah forbids the creation of a state of israel till Mōshîãçh returns and leads HIS people back...

    Shalom Yohan!
    hope that gives you some awareness-
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    Asking him to check some so called rock in Mexico is deliberately misleading. You are sending him on a wild goose chase just to wast time. If you know what you claim is true then all you do is provide sources to support your claim please. If there is any evidence to back up what you just said, it shouldn't be too hard citing the sources.

    Really! Where did you read this? Surely not from the Torah. Please don't just make things up. Back up your claims by citing the source of the information.

    Please provide this evidence you claim exists of Phoenicians mining copper in Michigan thousands of years ago.
    That is not true at all. Zionism is less than 150 years old. It is not responsible for thousands of years suppression our HIS-story. Stop lying!
    Absolute CRAP.
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  13. Alice Jones

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    Going interesting guys.
  14. ilevi

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    This was an actual dilemma for me where many individuals kept insisting that the Akan and Igbo were Hebrews. Actually, many of the Hebrew Israelite books used to and still hold the Akan in high regard as Hebrews. I find that these people are just finding any excuse to call a group Hebrew based on one factor because how could they miss that the Akan are a Matrilineal people? The other is Igbo that does partake in circumcision but it is also extended to females as well. They are a patriarchal society too but are not partakers of fiashidi for that matter.
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