Are the Lemba and Falasha People Hebrews (Erverh) Or Converts?

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  1. Shalom everyone,

    I have been thinking about this for a while, the Lemba of South Africa and the Falasha People of Ethiopia, for years the Lemba claimed to be descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel escaping Assyrian captivity with their claims being ignored until they were DNA tested and researchers claimed to find Semitic markers in their DNA. With the Falasha People their oral history predates the Ashkenazi Jews history, and claims of them being descendants from Israel via King Solomon sending his son Menlik with 1000 members each from the 12 tribes to Ethiopia. However I have some questions about the groups claims.

    First with the Lemba, this creates a doubt in my mind a bit since the Israeli government does not seem to be very keen on digging any remains of the decreased Ancient Israelites in the land and testing said remains. Not trying to sound like I have a tin foil hat in my wardrobe, but it just seems too odd to use the CMH (Cohen Modal Haplogroup) considering they have based the test on Haplogroup J test for them and they are are apparently E1B1A. ( Side note, someone made a series of video teachings that the E1B1A haplogroup being used to identify Hebrew Israelites. Which I feel does not properly identify and define a persons Israelite descent.) Secondly since Jewish law uses Matrilineality to determine if a person is Jewish. With that information wouldn't the y- haplogroup research be contrary to be their law and customs, since mitochondrial DNA comes from the mother only and would be consistent with their law. So how could they use DNA testing to prove the Lemba's claims?

    Now as far the Falasha People in Ethiopia, the oral history of them being descendants via Menlik's caravan raises a few questions, since the story is one of many different basis for the Falasha People's origins bible verses such as Jeremiah 44:1-30 in which Jeremiah writes about The Most High setting his face against Judah for its idolatry with the King Nebuchadrezzar entering Egypt to attack the tribe of Judah leading some to migrate further into Africa which lines up with this verse from Zephaniah (3: 10) says "From beyond the river of Ethiopia my suppliants even the daughter of my dispersed, shall bring mine offering.
    (Note: In From Babylon to Timbuktu pg. 77 the author Rudolph Windsor explains that Zephaniah was speaking to the Hebrews scattered around and through the region.)

    However I am pretty there more stories associated with the Falasha's origin, currently I do not have that research. However in light the both groups oral history there is some debate the groups being coverts.
    What are everyone's thoughts on the matter. I'm open to criticism, correction and new information provided.
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    Shalom Brother! I will attempt to answer this post first.

    First, regarding the underlined portion: STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN AND HIS VIDEOS!

    I am glad that you were able to identify the problem with his teachings as I wasn't and blindly followed him. Allow me to elaborate with a tale.

    He refers himself as a descendant of the Yoruba tribe, who he purports to be the tribe of Ephraim. Trust me, I would know. He also believes himself to be a or THE "Chosen" that The Most High sent to regather the scattered of Israel. The E1B1A if you closely analyze, CANNOT tell you who is a hebrew and who is not. It only groups ALL "Sub-saharan" Africans as having a common origin or basically, as being the same people (took me a while to figure out). Also, I think that this E1B1A prospect has more to do with the "Bantu Expansion" in which I believe the scattered hebrews were not apart of (unless I am wrong). I have had conversations with people telling me that the Zulu tribe are Gadites and Igbos are Judah and Mannasseh, and even the Fulani being partially hebrews LOL with nothing to base it on except the E1B1A and its subclaves. The E1B1A group was created from using the "Igbo=Hebrews" product as a marker to identify us as Hebrews; In other words, when it was revealed that they also carried the E1B1A.

    Answer to question: Because they can't, on the basis that the Hebrews were a PATRILINEAL people and also because we don't know what haplogroup the hebrews carried thousands of years ago (as a member on this forum pointed out to me). Btw, people speak of the CMH but what about the BMH? The Bantu Modal Haplotype that occurs frequently in the E1B1A8 subclade is found in the Lemba people in high frequencies. I lost the link but, the BMH is what the genealogists didn't want people knowing that the Lemba carried. This is what they kept referring to as a mysterious star-like cluster the pattern took. I carry those same markers(BMH) of the E1B1A8 but have long since turned from it. Anyway, the Lemba's claim MAY be true. I'll explain in the next post. I apologize for the rant...
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    I admit that I know nothing about the origin of the Falashas. Their claim may or may not be true but what is evident is that more research, as you stated, needs to be put in to this prospect. I would happily engage this but currently stuck on and obsessed with researching the Ewe/Erverh people.

    Now, I see that you referenced "From Babylon to Timbuktu" in which I believe is a very good book BUT lacks in detail when mentioning the tribes in West/West-Central Africa. I want you to look at something in this book that helped me come to a realization. Go to the pages that mention the Jews among the Ashantis, Dahomians and Yoruba. There are three instances that caught my eyes. A) Rudolph doesn't call these groups Jews. He states that the Jews were or lived AMONG them! B) The Bnai Ephraim (IF they existed in Yoruba land, and I believe they did), were mentioned as being a disliked group among the Yoruba. C) Many claim Igbos as being Hebrews or Jews but, where the heck is the mention of the Igbo or Igboland in this book?

    The hebrews that lived among these groups were the Ewe/Erverh people. They were confederate with the Ashanti people and as you know, the Fon/adza Erverh people took residence in Dahomey (north and South) but, what about Yorubaland? I know that Mawuli stated that the Yoruba are hebrews and I agree but, I am just a bit skeptical on who we should be calling hebrews (Sorry Mawuli, no disrespect intended) and I'll tell you why.

    The Yoruba and Igbos practiced the killing of twins! Which is not a practice found among the Ewe/Erverh people. Not now, and not ever. As a matter of fact, The Erverh of Ghana, Togo, and Benin venerated the birth of twins and considered it a blessing. Isokun state was a location in Benin that twins fled to in order to escape this atrocity. Which of the Yoruba would I consider Hebrews? That would be the Egun/Ogun people of their state in which was situated between Ondo (people who practiced twin killing) and Oyo; also located south close to porto-novo. The Ogun people to this day do not consider themselves Yoruba and speak Ogun-gbe; a dialect deriving from the Erverh Language. I remember I read somewhere that stated that the name Ogu meant "Bones" and that they practiced Coitus Interruptus (similar to what one of Judah's son committed) The Ogun are remnants of Juda (1747 map) and Allada that fled do to the destruction the Fon imposed upon them. The other remnants sold into slavery made their way to the US, Haiti and other places. I personally believe that the Ogun/Egun were the "Bnai Ephraim" as Egun and Ondo state were fairly close.

    Last, there are only TWO tribes in Africa that practice Necromancy today. The Erverh(Ho, Matsa) and the Shona people who are related to the Lemba. This practice is often identified as being "middle-eastern" in origin. Don't let me get started on the Matsa tribe and how they may actually be bonafide descendants of Aaron. There is no mention of them in ANY historical work other than Jacob Spieths "The Ewe of german Togo". But in short, the Lemba may indeed be hebrews or people who inhabited the same regions the hebrews lived in. Sorry for my rant again. Hope this helps.
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  4. Shalom to you as well brother!
    You are not the only one that has been deceived by false teachings, heck when I came to this knowledge of being a Hebrew (Erverh) a year ago, I ignorantly tossed out everything from the Sunday Church even what was true believing it to be lies. Until I found correction and pleaded desperately to The Most High for his forgiveness and mercy( I even warned a family member to avoid camps and congregations that teach heretical doctrines) . Even I looked into this man's teachings as piece of the puzzle until I recently started thinking about the holes in his doctrine from the info Mawuli has offered on the site here there and that are too many variables such as migrational patterns, intermarriages and the Jewish DNA research which cuts their customs and law to be reliable. Secondly his belief that the The Most High sent him to gather lost sheep of the Israel with the teachings he presented is something that everyone needs to be weary of since I feel that he has not tested the spirits to see if it is truly from the The Most High.
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    Shalom ilevi. Good discussion!

    Do you have anything substantial to support the following statement: "He states that the Jews were or lived AMONG them! B) The Bnai Ephraim (IF they existed in Yoruba land, and I believe they did), were mentioned as being a disliked group among the Yoruba.)

    Are there sources that support and prove the claim the Bnai Ephraim lived among the Yoruba?
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  6. Very interesting information, what sources did you find to come to this discovery? Thanks for recommending reading the sections on the Jews among the Ashantis, Dahomians and Yoruba in From Babylon to Timbuktu, also I have the pdf version book The Hebrew Heritage Of Our West African Ancestors by Steven Jacobs and Rudolph Windsor which provides some information on the customs of the Ashantis (pgs 9-17) that leads some Black Hebrew Israelites ( I hate that term BTW) to believe that the Ashanti are from the Tribe of Judah.
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    Shalom Yohann! Unfortunately I don't have the sources to prove my case as it's purely opinionated on my part. The only source so far is "From Babylon to Timbuktu" by Rudolph Windsor that states the where abouts of the Bnai Ephraim, and his source seems to have come from another author that stated this in a different book. There was another source where a man that came from west Africa (his name is in the source) claimed heritage from the tribe of Ephraim but, he was jailed for fabricating his origins. I have to look it up again and once I find it, I'll post it. Just letting you know that I stand by Mawuli 100%, and don't want to misconstrue what he already has given us. Although the Bnai Ephraim claim IS interesting though...
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    Shalom Brother! Its understandable! we were all lead astray by people calling themselves prophets of The Most High at one point. This is why it is important to seek people of truth by testing the spirits as you said.
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    This was ALL a matter of researching and connecting the pieces, believe it or not. I'm going to list ALL of the sources that I have found and used so far.
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    Ok here are ALL sources that I used or contained:

    For Ewe/Erverh history including culture, religion, and tribes:

    "The Fon of Dahomey" W. J. Argyle
    "The Ewe People-A study of the Ewe people in German Togo" Jakob Spieth
    "Kinship & Marriage Among The Anlo Ewe" G.K. Nukunya
    "Gender, Ethnicity, And Social Change on the upper Slave Coast-A History of the Anlo Ewe" Sandra E Green

    For Akan/Ashanti history:

    "The Akan people" Kwasi Konado
    "The Akan of Ghana: The aspects of past and present practices" Kofi Ayim

    For Yoruba History:

    "The History of the Yorubas" Samuel Johnson (but...)

    For PURE unadultered Igbo History:

    "The Igbo Of Southeast Nigeria" Victor C. Uchendu
    "Christianity and Ibo Culture" Edmund Ilogu

    Now for links, type into the google search bar. I found these reads enlightening:

    "The Black Arabian Origins of the Yoruba and Oludamare: Islam and If a as Sibling Rivals Make' da Na'eem" PDF
    "Afa Divination Storytelling and music" PDF
    "Afa Divination and Anlo-Ewe in Ghana" PDF

    This is what I have so far. Hope that it is helpful!
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    THIS is what I was referring to. HE was the person mentioned in "From Babylon to Timbuktu" about being connected to the Bnai Ephraim.
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    Thank you ilevi for your sincerity! So we can all agree there is no evidence to support any claim that the Bnai Ephraim lived among the Yoruba people.

    There are many African people making claims they are the Hebrews. It is the Devil's work to mislead the lost sheep and confuse them from knowing the true way back home. Therefore, to separate out the weed from the wheat we need to be vigilant and check the veracity of any claims made. Stay awake brothers! If a statement or claim is not supported with evidence, don't buy it. Above all, don't speculate because that is the fastest way of being misled and misleading others.
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  13. With this situation the only way to sift through the lies is to thoroughly research the oral histories and customs of the group claiming they are Hebrews to see if the histories and customs have consistencies with scripture. The sad part in regards to the false DNA teaching is that it is spreading like wildfire through the community, leading many astray. Eventually I will make a post with some of false doctrines that are spreading to warn others.
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    Absolutely. This is exactly why I have been researching tribes of Africa to see who is who and what connection even if small, there is to the hebrews. The Erverh people may be the only ones so far. The DNA teachings are growing FAST like you stated and its soon going to be a big problem. No one is checking or verifying "his" ideologies and everyone is just swallowing his "truth" like candy. Anybody that finds a discrepancy in his teachings and confronts him about it, is labeled a devil and banned from the group. While part of the group, I stumbled upon Mawuli's teachings about the Erverh and was astounded. When I reopened up these hebrew israelite books on the Igbos by faceless authors, its like nothing made sense anymore. For instance, I discovered through journals (for the community at the time) how the majority of the Lemba were E1B1A8 carriers and that they mostly carry the BMH and NOT the CMH. I posted the info for the community that morning and he called me not to thank me but, to vent about how I didn't use his name and how I know all of this knowledge because "The Most High used Him" and not me. from that point on, I realized the truth and what falseness he was promoting.

    Sorry again for my rant lol. Thought I would give my background history to those unaware. Shalom.
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  16. Brother, man I am so sorry that you went through that. Like I said prior he really needs to pray about it and test those spirits and humble himself. I am not the most righteous person but I am a work in progress like everyone is. Him having an arrogant spirit will cause many to stumble since it seems that he cannot accept correction, with the false teaching he is spreading, silencing people to speaking out him to double check his findings, this will lead to many disappointed people and possibly destabilize and delegitimize the entire community except for a few. Unfortunately people like to have their itching ears scratched and not heed sound doctrine (ex. false doctrine such as the 12 tribe chart, Caucasians being Edomites, Only Israel will be saved, Teaching against the Virgin Birth so and so on.) it is sad really.
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    It's no problem at all brother and I completely agree! I just want to enlighten people on what I went through so, they won't go through that same ordeal. Besides, I am glad I went through it because, if anything, it helped me grow more and build awareness. Everything is a journey! I believe that this is my final destination (as well as yours) because I/we see everything more clearly now. Unfortunately, we can't really stop his movement from increasing. The only thing we can do is warn others and try to help them think in a different aspect. The people that join his group must be able to open their eyes and realize that what he is teaching is false and not really backed up by sources.

    Those doctrines are really bothersome and infectious, especially the ones you listed. Sadly, it works for the people that either lack understanding or are lost. I look forward to the post you will put up regarding these doctrines! I will actually post something on the current Erverh tribes in Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Nigeria as well as the Ho/Matsa tribe and their priestly ways and likeness to the Levites.
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    Thanks for the link
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    Shalom. I don't understand if this is meant to be sarcastic or not? I just checked the link and found out that the site actually changed its rules on viewing this book. Its really not my intention to lie or post links that do not work-thats not how I function. Furthermore, if you were around when I posted this link, it would have been available to you as some of the members on this thread did see it. Whether you are interested or not in the Shona people, I will locate the actual PDF again and download it, as well as repost on the website (if possible).
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    It might help if you see information online that you want to share to first of all download it to your computer. After that you upload it to dropbox (it's free), create a link for it and then share the link you created. This way you control what you are sharing

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