Can Marriage Work When Wife Earns More Than Husband?

Discussion in 'Men's HideOut' started by Nutsugah, Jun 20, 2013.

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    Look at that picture. Does it break your heart to see men reduced to such pathetic levels?

    In the human tradition, Husbands are generally expected to be the bread-winner whose role is to provide for the family upkeep, pay the bills and provide shelter to his wife and children.

    Unfortunately in many western Countries where discrimination against black men is high and most Employers are white. Work preference favors the black woman. Thus the man is basically castrated as the role of bread winner is reversed.

    Men generally may not be comfortable with this arrangement and exerting your power as the man of the house is severely curtailed. Leaving the woman to wear the trousers so to speak.

    How do one cope or behave if you are in these situation?

    Anyone has some experiences to share?
  2. Nutsugah

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    Is it any wonder that the suicide rate among men is at an all time high?
  3. Mawuli

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    The man in the picture has serious issues. No African male I know would even contemplate tying the baby to his back like that. There must be something seriously wrong with the guy.

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