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  1. Many claim one lost israelite tribe is in papua New Guinea and speaks in hebrew but looking at the tribe they look asian.
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    I don't know about the Asian looking ones. But the black people in Papua New Guinea are indeed Hebrews.
    Hint: It is unpleasant to hear, I agree, but one way of identifying Hebrews around the world is to look for black people with cannibalism in their history. Islands like Vanuatu, Papa New Guinea and the African country called Congo win hands down in this regard. Consider the following verses.
  3. Thank you for the information i learned alot
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    I now remember why I turned from the Kongo people in the first place as being possible Hebrews. I found that they were a Matrilineal people, not patrilineal. Even if they follow such a system, should we still call or consider them Hebrews? Although, Kongo is a country, these particular tribes within followed a system of descent of hierarchy through the mother. I feel that the Papau Guineans have much more credibility of being Hebrews than the Kongos. Just shedding some light on this.
  5. There are also speculations levites are in columbia

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  6. Alifuru Maluku first pacific islanders also practiced canabalism
    Check this video out
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