How I can find out my Hebrew heritage?

Discussion in 'Question & Answer' started by acuriousblackman, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Shalom,
    How can I find out my Hebrew heritage. My father passed away at a young age and most of the family on my father's side are passed way, since lineage is patrilineal what methods can I use to trace my heritage?
  2. Mawuli

    Mawuli TheGuide Staff Member

    I don't know if the information at the link is what you are looking for. It reveals our true black identity. Read it and see if it helps.
  3. Thanks! The information I read is fascinating and worth having. I will definitely buy the book once I have the funds to do so. I was presented with the information about the African-Americans here being Hebrews about a year ago and like to learn more and find who am I and my relationship to the Most High.

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