To Mawuli: "The Yoruba origins" has been re-uploaded.

Discussion in 'Black History Main Forum' started by ilevi, Aug 30, 2017.

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    I posted this on Sunday night but, removed it a couple hours after because, I believed that the material I put into it was degrading and disrespectful to our People around the globe (but maybe I was overthinking?). I have reposted it now and have a favor; Can you give your feedback and criticisms on this?

    The video attempts to shed light on the TRUE Yoruba identity especially on how they acquired the name "YARRIBA". Thank you.

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    The good thing about Video is you it can correct mistakes in it easily.
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    My opinion is the topic is too advanced so many listening to the Video would have difficulty understanding what is all about. For example, most of your listeners would not know who you mean by Bornu, Borgu, Hausa etc. It would help if you did initial videos that introduce the listener to the subject and the various protagonists and slowly build it up to this video. But this video on its own is too advanced so very few people would know what you are talking about. Including flow charts with maps showing the people and their locations would also help a lot.
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    Thanks Brother Mawuli! I then will . Releasing something like this was too soon, and I think that my re-release of it will be more proper for next time; Starting with an introduction of the people and places (maps etc.) as you stated. On another note, as you can already tell, I have connected with Rabbi Amaah. How he is releasing the information, starting from the "scraps" is very good and, I have found that many elements are learning and understanding better with his method as am I. Anyway, my "hypothesis" should be on hold until I have the correct information linking with "Call to the Hebrews".

    Also, I think that I have found a possible candidate for the radio stations pertaining to Haiti too! My progress on it will be recorded. Thanks again for the evaluation, Brother! appreciate it.

    EDIT: I have made it private to myself and soon, for complete removal. Will be editing this video by breaking it down into two or three parts.
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