Was there a possibility of Hamitic tribes being enslaved with Hebrews (Erverh)?

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  1. Was there a possibility of Hamitic tribes being enslaved with Hebrews (Erverh)? During the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, many African Tribes sold their enemies to the Europeans and Arabs, would this include any Hamitic tribes? I hear some Black Hebrews in their teachings state that the Hamitic people sold only Hebrews, other teachings say that there were some Hamites on the ships as well. What is the general consensus and thoughts on the scattering of the Hebrews (Erverh) along side Hamitic people for clarity sake?
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    Google up Abdul Rahman from North Africa, which means he was a Hamite. He was accidentally captured and sold into slavery but was later freed in America. His case shows some Hamites may have been sold into slavery.
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    Put it like this, before the commanding officer ends up as a POW, his whole battalion would have been defeated in the field. Therefore, before Abdul Rahman a Hamite prince ended up on a slave ship, many of the Hamitic tribes protecting him must have been defeated and sold into slavery long before the slave traders got to him.
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    Shalom. I would personally be careful with what these supposed men are teaching. Believe me, I was under the guise of those ideologies for a little while until I actually started reading many history books and also researched. First, it is rather impossible to know who is/was a Hebrew during that time period without knowing the background(customs, traditions, religious ways) of the particular tribes/tribesman sold. I know that there is an ongoing basis to utilize Devarim 26 as a marker to who are considered the scattered and dispersed Hebrews today but, what the passage doesn't tell you is if the Hebrews were the only ones to be scattered and dispersed. Confused?

    Consider Ezekiel Chapter 30. Now I MAY be wrong but, this particular chapter of the book talks about the Egyptians being scattered and dispersed throughout Africa and possibly beyond. Although there is no reference to their dispersal being in the four corners but, does the scriptures need to explicitly state that in order for us to believe what its saying? Maybe Mawuli can join this thread and enlighten us some more. Hope that this helps in a way.
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  5. Thanks to Hator, Yohann and ilevi for the contributions to this thread. As far as Mawuli's insight on the question, I inboxed him this question exactly 3 weeks ago and this was his input on the matter:

    During the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, the Slaves were sold mainly by fellow Hebrews. The Hamites also engaged in capturing and selling slaves but the main
    perpetrators were Hebrew. Slavery in Africa was Hebrew upon Hebrew crime. It is no different to black on black crime you see today.

    The Hamitic tribes were the most powerful African people so hardly or very few of them got sold into slavery. Personally I doubt if any of them got sold into slavery in the Americas. For that to happen the Hebrews would have had to conquer them in war and sold the prisoners into slavery. But we don't have any history like that. The two main Hamitic powers Ashanti Empire and the Sokoto Caliphate were both destroyed by the British. Old Oyo (Hebrews) was destroyed by the Sokoto Caliphate so there is no chance Oyo captured any Hausa Fulani and sold them into slavery. The same applies to Ashanti. Dahomey Empire (Hebrew) shared borders with the Asante but never engaged the Akans in war. The hamites were just too powerful for the Hebrews to overcome them in warfare. Even today, the most successful and powerful Africans are the Hamites and the poorest and the downtrodden are Hebrew. ( Thanks to Mawuli for his insight!)
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