We are NOT Hebrew we are Erverh

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    Nevertheless, it is the name Erverh that got translated into English as Hebrew. Erverh is what translates into English as Hebrew. The two mean one and the same thing.

    Please note: The name of the ancient Israelites is ERVERH. It is not Hebrew. If you travelled back in time to Israel and asked for the Hebrews, no native Israelite will know what you mean. This is because the Israelites were not called Hebrew. They were known as the ERVERH.

    To give you an example to explain it further.

    My full name Mawuli kpl mi translates in to English as Emmanuel. But I am not Emanuel. My name is Mawuli kpl mi or Mawuli for short. But if you ask me the meaning of my name in English I will say Emmanuel; which means; God is with us. So is my name Emmanuel or Mawuli? Mawuli of course! The same applies to the name of the ancient Israelites. Their name is ERVERH and not Hebrew.

    To find out more of the meaning behind the name Hebrew, visit our main black history site
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    The name Hebrew came about because the Romans translated Erverh into Latin as Hebraicus. Hebraicus transalted into English is Hebrew. Thus anyone called Erverh is a direct descendant of the ancient Israelites.

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