Were Ancient Indians black?

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    The Arab scholar Said Al-Andalusi who lived in the 11th century was
    an admirer of ancient Indian mathematics and civilization.
    He stated: "India is the first nation to have cultivated the sciences,
    and although black, Allah ranked them above many white and
    brown people. It is a powerful, wealthy and populous nation known
    for the wisdom of its people and their abilities in all branches
    of knowledge."

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  3. Which Indians are we talking of here? Americans Indians or Indians of Asia? It is interesting to note ancient images of the Buddha depicted a black man with afro hair. Black Hebrews taken into exile by the Assyrians in that part of the world, may have intermarried with lighter skin locals to produce the present Indian race.
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    Indians of Asia
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    Some of the greatest kings of Ancient India like Raja Raja Chola, Mahadji Shinde, Tipu Sultan and Amoghavarsha were
    dark skinned Indians.
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    The Dravidian language spoken in the India sub-continent has similar words to the Erverh language spoken by the Erverh people of West Africa.One example is Afa. They mean the same in India and West Africa. In both places Afa means divination. Another example is the word is Kolo. Kolo means sex or the female vagina in both Dravidian and Erverh.

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