What Is Wrong With Black Women Bleaching Their Skin?

Discussion in 'Sisters' Corner' started by Mawuli, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Mawuli

    Mawuli TheGuide Staff Member

    Earlier today I bumped into Brother Akhian post on Facebook expressing his dislike for black women bleaching their skin. I thought I will ask the question here to see what others think.
    What Is Wrong With Black Women Bleaching Their Skin?

  2. Mawuli

    Mawuli TheGuide Staff Member

    If it is wrong, then the next logical question is: Is it wrong when white women also TAN themselves?
  3. Nutsugah

    Nutsugah Member

    Holy smoke that is a seriously beautiful woman.
  4. Olove888

    Olove888 New Member

    Bleaching shows self-hatred in the women who do it (not only black but Indian, Asian, etc.) and exposes you to skin & liver damage and sometime death. There are many documentaries and books about the motivation of bleaching and some African countries have to outlaw the products a good place to start to learn about this sickness is the Color Complex book and dark girls documentary. When white women tan they may be showing some signs of self hatred as well-see Dr. Francis Cress Wesling's work The Isis Papers or when white women tan they could just want to modify their look like when women wear lipstick but they don't want to change who they are many black women who bleach will admit it is because they don't like or want to be seen as black or are seeking better treatment by becoming lighter. Men are starting to bleach as well see the Afro-Latino Sammy Sosa and look up the Caribbean Reggae artist who bleached and is the spokesperson for a bleach company. I have researched colorism for years and it is a very deep topic even part of the reason why many Hebrew Israelites will embrace Latinos and Native Americans as Hebrews and not People from Africa. Spending time in the southern United States I know this to be true in these areas they are very blatant about hating anything fully black or African and intentionally breed it out, bleaching is a quick way to do this along with nose jobs and weaves.
  5. Yohann

    Yohann Member

    ^^ If bleaching is a sign of self hatred as you say, then the opposite will mean white women who tan their skin brown, also harbor self-hatred? Or is it only self-hatred when black-women bleach?
  6. Hator

    Hator Active Member

    I disagree with the view that black women lightening our skin is a sign of self hatred. As pointed out white women darken their skin but no one sees that as a sign of self hatred.
    IMO women who lighten or tan/darken their skin are trying to improve upon their looks to make themselves more attractive to the opposite sex. We all do this to a large extent everyday. What is wrong with that? The worst type of woman to me, are those who don't make any effort at all to improve upon their God-given talent.
  7. It seems that most black men have been taught to idolize pale skin and limp hair.
    It seems that some black women were bleaching their skin, so that they could feel desired by some men.
    Skin bleaching is not a sign of hatred towards themselves, it seems that it is a sign of a current beauty trend. For example , when a lot of men were drooling over women with small waists, corsets were selling like hot cakes. When men were drooling over women with a large gluteus , butt implants were popular.

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