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    More and more black people are now claiming they are the true descendants of the ancient Israelites. They go further to claim that Jews are fake and not descendants of the ancient Israelites at all.
    Where is the Proof that black people and not Jews are the true Hebrews of the Bible? Please don't show me Deuteronomy 28 because that does not prove anything because any suffering people past or present can use those verses to make the same claim. For example I have heard Irish people make similar claims because of their many years of suffering at the hands of the British. Deuteronomy 28 does not show let alone prove Hebrew ancestry. So don't even go there. Show me irrefutable proof that Black people are the true descendants of the Hebrews.
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    The proof is because of our direct ancestry to the ancient Israelites. Most black people are Hebrew, that is an indisputable fact and my next words will prove it to you.

    The name Hebrew is the English translation of the real name of the Israelites. The real name of the Israelites which translates as Hebrew is Erverh. The name Hebrew came about because the Romans translated Erverh into Latin as Hebraicus. Hebraicus transalted into English is Hebrew. Thus anyone called Erverh is a direct descendant of the ancient Israelites.

    The Erverh (Hebrew) people currently live in West Africa. They call their homeland Erverland, which means HebrewLand in English. This stretches from the Accra plains in Ghana all the way to Nigeria. This area during the time of the Trans Atlantic Slave trade was called the Slave Coast because most of the slaves taken to America was from this area. Thus most black people in America are from Erverland (HebrewLand). That is the PROOF that most black people in America are Hebrews.

    Source: http://mawuvi.com/sample-pages
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    Wikipedia is wrong..
    You need to understand information on Wikipedia is not necessarily written by experts in that field of study. Anybody off the street can put information on Wikipedia. It is an urban encyclopaedia. Even though much of the information from Wikipedia is good. It is always a good idea to cross-check the information with other sources to be on the same side. Failing that you can be easily be misled.

    The proper pronunciation of of the original name of the ancient Israelites is one good example where the information on Wikipedia is completely misleading.

    What you are reading on Wikipedia is the pronunciation for modern Hebrew. Modern Hebrew is not ancient Hebrew. Modern Hebrew is mostly YIDDISH, a mixture of European languages and sprinkling of Hebrew.

    Jewish people speaking Modern Hebrew inserted IVRIT as the pronunciation of Hebrew and the rest of the unsuspecting world has bought into the deception. This falsehood has carried on to Wikipedia as well. But the fact of the matter, the word IVRIT, is nowhere in the original ancient text.

    In the original scripts Hebrew is pronounced ERVERH. It is also called lashon hakodesh which means the Holy tongue. You'd find even the most deceptive Jew will admit lashon hakodesh is NOT the same as Ivrit. Lashon hakodesh is the original Hebrew language pronounced Erverh. But even though they might admit that lashon hakodesh and Ivrit are not one and the same, contemporary Jews still turn around and pronounce Hebrew as Ivrit, thus misleading everybody.

    The following are some Jewish sites that show the original pronunciation.






    NOTICE all the sites say clearly Ivrit is DERIVED from Ever. Ever is pronounced Erverh. DERIVED means the ROOT or ORIGIN of the word. So when they say Ivrit is derived from Ever (pronounced Erverh) it means Erverh is the original name/pronunciation and from it is derived the Yiddish or modern Hebrew name/pronunciation Ivrit. But as I said Ivrit is nowhere to be found in the original text of the Bible. Therefore, Wikipedia is wrong to put it out that Hebrew is pronounced Ivrit. They should qualify the entry by stating ivrit is the name coined by Jews for modern Hebrew.

    Not to leave it like that the following is a test you yourself can do to prove the real pronunciation of the name.

    Say you meet any Jew or Rabbi who insists to pronounce Hebrew as Ivrit.
    Ask him is Ivrit the same as lashon hakodesh. He should say no. Because lashon hakodesh is the Holy tongue and Ivrit is not the Holy tongue.

    However if he tries to be devious by saying Ivrit is the same as lashon hakodesh then ask him: Is Ivrit the Holy tongue? You have cornered him and he should at this stage admit defeat and say No, Ivrit is not lashon hakodesh. However, if he says yes that is a lie. WHY? Because lashon hakodesh is the language spoken by Moses and the ancient Israelites. They did not speak modern Hebrew aka Ivrit. And how do we know this? It is no secret the scriptures was written the holy tongue aka lashon hakodesh. Modern Hebrew (Ivrit) on the other hand was invented by a guy from Lithuania called Eliezer Ben Yehuda in 19th century Europe. It is a modern language that tries to mimic ancient Hebrew.

    People who speak the Erverh (Hebrew) language as we do in West Africa are speaking the original Hebrew also know as lashon hakodesh as it has been haded down over the centuries. The same language spoken by Moses and the ancient Israelites.

    In the following video where I was being interviewed in a Radio station in London. I mentioned the names of prophets as they are pronounced by someone speaking lashon hakodesh. As you can see this is how we naturally pronounce these names in the Erverh language in West Africa, the same way Moses and the ancient Israelites spoke and called each other. Thus showing without any shadow of doubt we are Erverh (Hebrew) and we speak the Erverh language (Hebrew = lashon hakodesh).

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    I'm new to this forum and theology. So you are saying Jesus, King David, Joseph and Mary were black?
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    Yes they were! the following is the image of the Hebrews from the British Museum in London.


    Notice the head hair and that of the beard is the same Afro-textured hair thus showing they were people with frizzy hair. The only people on Earth with Frizzy hair are black people. The following image is a person from people with the same kind of hair in Africa.


    Source: Who-Is-Who, The Call to the Hebrews
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    Erverhland huh?

    That's a new one!

    However, most thoughtful people people agree that the word Hebrew comes from the Egyptian word Habiru, which means one who sells his services.
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    Mawuli, regarding the pepper-corn haired San girl above; yes, "Some" Blacks are the only humans who have evolved hair to match a particular environment. Hair like that keeps the head cool and free of infestations in hot climates. Whereas all other humans still have the same straight hair common to the lower order creatures like Dogs, Cats, Monkeys, Goats, etc, etc.
    But please be aware, it's just as easy to post the picture of a pretty girl.
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    Sorry you are WRONG! Reason being, the Hebrews were called Hebrew long before the Egyptians even knew of their existence. The name started Eber, pronounced Erverh, grandson of Noah's son Shem (Genesis 10:21). In the Bible Abraham is the first to be associated with the name Eber, which is now written as Hebrew by Bible translators at Genesis 14:13. So how could their name have originated from an Egyptian word "Habiru" as you claim, when the name existed before the Israelites and even Egypt as a nation was born? Explain that.

    FYI Erverland is what we call our homeland in West Africa. It was how we called the area before Europeans first set foot in Africa and demarcated the African continent. It was Erverland then and it is Erverland today. It is not a new name.
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    Do you consider the so-called "African American" to be of the true blood line/direct descendants of the Hebrew nation?
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    She is very beautiful!
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    Yes they are are. African-Americans as their very name suggests originated from Africa, mainly West Africa, the home of the Erverh people formerly known as the Slave Coast. Please read the following link where I explain it in depth.

    True Identity Of African Americans
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  13. Out of curiosity may I ask why you call yourself PE'el the Messiah?
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    Why Erver and not Eber? I am only asking because through my own studies I have found that the softness of certain letters, bet-vet kaph-khaph taw-saw waw-vav, where recent introductions into the language via foreigners trying to make sense of the older writings and also interjecting their own speak and pronunciations into the language
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    Erver is written in the English language as Eber but is still pronounced Erver.

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