Why Are Black People so Loud?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Yohann, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Yohann

    Yohann Member

    I am sure you have noticed this phenomenon as well. You are in a shop full of people, different races in fact. But all you hear is the noise of the black folks talking. They are so loud you could hear them from 30 yards away. I used to think continental Africans were the main culprits until I encountered Jamaicans and African-Americans in full flow, they are just as loud. It is surely a black thing. I would just like to know why black people feel the need to yell at each other while having a conversation.
  2. Nutsugah

    Nutsugah Member

    Blacks are happy people. That should explain why we always talk in an animated and loud voice. If you don't believe me look at people of any race, when they are happy they also talk at the top of the voice. So yes it is our heartiness that make us so loud.
  3. Olove888

    Olove888 New Member

    Jews are also very loud especially the ones in NYC and Israel they joke about it all the time, growing up in NYC you expect it of Jews & Blacks I think culture does have something to do with it.
  4. Yohann

    Yohann Member

    ^^Well if they are loud, then that should mean they have black ancestry and are descended from the original Hebrews. Not all Jews are converts. Many are Hebrews by descent.
  5. Hator

    Hator Active Member

    Black are like children who depend on their parents to look after them. The truth of the matter is, all over the world, what you see is Black people depending on white people to look after them. They have nothing in their head and don't contribute anything to the world. Hence their noisy nature. Empty barrels, as the saying goes, makes the most noise!
  6. That is quite a shallow and foolish generalizing comment.
    The music and sports industry is dominated by black people. These are two areas that enhances the quality and joys of humanity. Black people dominate in these areas, but that would not make them superior or better than any member of the human race.
  7. Hator

    Hator Active Member

    ^^ Listen isn't it obvious that people who talk loudly in public, basically yelling at each other, shows lack of consideration for others around them? If that is not a sign of low intelligence what else do call that kind of behavior?:playful: :biggrin:
  8. Hator

    Hator Active Member

    I came across the following story yesterday. Self-respect is seriously lacking. Judge for yourself.

    "I took a bus this morning to somewhere in Amsterdam as I was in no mood to drive. A few stops away from the bust stop closest to my house, I heard a phone buzzing. I thought it was mine so I checked my pockets just to be sure. Then I noticed a middle aged black woman, possibly Surinamese, raise up her hands to have a look at her phone, pressed a button then shouted "hello." She then continued to mumble a few words of a language I couldn't understand. Moments later, she pulled the phone away from her ears and turned it on to speaker and began speaking at the top of her voice. Everyone in the bus turned to have a look at her. I thought that perhaps the cold glances that she received was enough to make her realize her bad manners but no, she continued talking in her loud voice. As a fellow black person on the bus full of white people, I felt truly embarrassed and disgusted. Why are blacks so noisy and uncultured?"
  9. Theevenation

    Theevenation New Member

    White supremacy is alive and will in society. Remember black people have been conditioned to behave well in public or be punished. Just like in slavery days and if they did not conform or behave they would be stigmatized. I am 100% sure if all those white people Was making loud noises you would never complain.
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  10. Jim

    Jim New Member

    Slavery? Every race - culture has endured their drug through the crap periods in their histories. Blacks are far from alone.

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